Mounting foam POLYNOR Windows & Doors

Mounting Foam, POLYNOR
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Mounting foam POLYNOR Windows & Doors


One-component polyurethane mounting foam for professional sealing of windows and doors. It is characterized by low secondary expansion, fine and homogeneous structure and quick setting




Thermal conductivity λ =0,034 W/(m*k)
Cutting 22 min
Fully cured 24 val.
Sound insulation 60 dB
Application temperature -10°C – +30°C
Temperature resistance of cured product -60°C- +110°C




  • Extremely fast polymerization
  • Low expansion
  • Accurate and easy dosing
  • Does not deform constructions
  • Fine and homogeneous structure


Volume – 650 ml

Box – 12 pcs

Barcode – 4779047401649




Declaration of performance 

Safety data sheet

Technical data sheet