Spray foam insulation POLYNOR Home

POLYNOR, Thermal Insulation
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Spray foam insulation POLYNOR Home


One-component, self-expanding polyurethane thermal insulation spray foam with a special sprayer-applicator that is screwed onto the valve. Perfect for use in inconvenient, hard-to-reach places where traditional insulation means are difficult to apply. All common construction materials can be insulated (such as concrete, masonry, stone, wood, EPS, plasterboard, most metals, rigid PVC, etc.).




Yield 2 m²
Thermal conductivity λ =0,030 W/(m*k)
Surface setting time 15 min
Fully cured 24 h
Amount of closed cells 80%
Sound insulation 60 dB
Application temperature +5°C – +35°C
Temperature resistance of cured product -60°C- +110°C




  • Can be applied to vertical, horizontal, curved and hard-to-reach surfaces
  • Quick and easy to use
  • No gun required
  • Prevents condensation
  • Acoustic barrier, elastic, waterproof
  • Helps to avoid cold bridges


Volume– 750 ml

Box– 12 pcs

Barcode – 4779047401144




Declaration of performance 

Safety data sheet

Technical data sheet